Monday, 1 February 2021



Each year at this time I have a bit of a rant, rant may not be the right word but it’s something that is terribly important to me and it’s important that other people take notice.

February is Ovarian Awareness Month, 9 years ago as now I was not a well bunny, I turned to Dr Google who diagnosed many different problems one of which was Ovarian Cancer.

When I finally went to see a doctor the first thing she said was” I suppose you think you have Ovarian Cancer”, she then without examining me told me all the reasons why I wouldn’t have it.

She did examine me, I had blood tests, an ECG and was told I was perfectly healthy my only problem was severe depression. She prescribed medication and said things would get worse before they got better, but they would get better.

Four days later the pain got so bad I ended up in hospital where the found an abdominal mass 30cm x 30cm x 15cm, which turned out to be a 7kg Ovarian Tumour.

I was very lucky (not with that doctor I saw) but the cancer was small 4mm and it was contained right in the middle of the tumour. In a way I was also lucky that due to the tumour mulching my appendix and being in so much pain, I got the right treatment and didn’t keep taking the medication that doctor had given me.

My rant is simple, listen to your body, get a second opinion if you have any issues, if need be, get a third or fourth opinion, it could save your life.

This is not just a message for the females, men should beware of this, you all have women in your life, it is so important. Each year over 1,500 new cases of Ovarian Cancer are diagnosed, I was very lucky, others aren’t, over 1,000 die each year.

Please be aware of the symptoms and listen to your body, see a doctor if you have the slightest concern and as I said before if you’re not happy get another opinion, it’s better to be wrong than dead.

For information on Ovarian Cancer go to and if you can please donate, research is so important.

Rant over xx


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  1. You have every reason to rant. Thanks for sharing your experience and I'm so happy everything turned out ok for you!


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