Wednesday, 31 July 2019


Still looking at Paper..

There are so many different types of paper, each have their own use. 

Types of Paper

A matte surface is flat, not glossy, dye inks and pigment inks both work well on this surface. Pencil and chalks could smudge on this cardstock

A shiny surface. Dye inks will dry on the surface but pigment inks require embossing since the surface in non-absorbent.

A coating is applied to enhance the opacity. Pencils and markers can be used on this cardstock, but pigment ink must be embossed.

Patterned cardstock is either printed on one side or both can be used for layering on cards, for scrapbooking etc.

Mirrored cardstock has a metallic effect

Glittered cardstock has glitter embedded into the paper, if die cutting, this paper should be cut from the back

Gives the cardstock a fabric effect.

Better quality cardstocks are dyed right through, this is important when cutting, some other brands are only surface dyed so when they are cut the white middle can be seen.

As acid and lignin (a complex organic polymer deposited in the cell walls of many plants, making them rigid and woody.) over time causes paper and cardstock to yellow and break down,  it is important to always use archival or acid and  lignin free paper and cardstock so they will last forever.

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Tuesday, 30 July 2019


A month sure does go quickly, thank you for stopping by my page during this months Blog Hop.

I previewed our Tutorials for August at the beginning of the month, but just for those who haven't seen it

With this is Blog Hop we will be giving you other ideas for the sets we used. I'll give you details later how to get your hands on this Tutorial Bundle.

This month I used one of my favourite sets, Beautiful You, I never get tired of it.

This is a very easy card, stamp, colour, die cut, attach but it needed more, sadly it is a little hard to see on the white background in this photograph but I scored the card at quarter inch intervals to give the background some texture.

The is something I have done quite a bit lately on various cards and I really like the effect.

All the products used can be purchased from my 24 hour online store by clicking on the shop button above.

Don't forget to use the Hostess code if you are placing an order under $250, this months code is WPRKR3QB.

Now, how do you get the Tutorial Bundle, this free with any purchase of $78 or more or can be purchased for $20 by contacting me at

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Now I will hand you over to Linda and I will start hopping myself.

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Product List


There are so many papers out here that it can be confusing which is the best to buy. paper is produced in different weight and construction and is suitable for different things. so what do we buy ?


Typical Uses

80 - 100gsm                
Suitable as copy paper, printer paper

This weight isn’t strong enough to be used as a card base but is a good weight for layering and die cutting, some types are parchment paper, premium printer paper, card background papers, foiled papers, the best weight when making your own envelopes
200 - 250gsm             
Can be used for card bases but really not strong enough  if  layering or adding embellishment to your card, it is good for stamping, embossing

260 - 290gsm             
Thicker card, suitable for card blanks

300 - 350gsm             
Heavyweight Card, a little too think for most card bases but good for flyers, brochures, menus, posters & booklet

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Monday, 29 July 2019


No matter what craft you decided to do, it can become costly, so what do new  crafter's do? They can go out an buy every gizmo going and then decide its not for them, and all that money is wasted. So to me I recommend people start slowly, get the basics, and then add on. 

So what are the very basics:
  • Cardstock
  • Stamps
  • Stamp Block
  • Ink

For cardmakers we need to start with cardstock, for beginners I would suggest, pre-cut cards and envelopes, we are trying to keep costs down, if you buy actual cardstock you need some sort of trimmer, so the pre-cut cards are ideal.

There are so many fantastic stamps around, Stampin' Up! release their Holiday Catalogue 4th September, 2019, it is gorgeous, trust me.

A block is needed to enable you to use the stamp, but you don't need to buy one in every size, one block is all that is needed to start with as long as it is big enough to attach the stamps you have.

Ink, a staple is obviously the colour black , however with simply stamping one colour can be used to create the whole card. This is an example of what I mean, one stamp, one ink

I hope this makes sense.

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PS: here's a sneak peak of the Holiday Catalogue, I can't show you the inside of the catalogue but in about two weeks I will be posting samples.

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Sunday, 28 July 2019


Anyone using Social Media will have come across the term ”Life-hacks” over the last few years. Beauty Hacks, Cooking Hacks, Travel Hacks, the list goes on.

To me the word “Hack” related to chopping things with an axe, violence, breaking into a computer etc, I couldn’t understand how this could help you clean your bathroom.

I Googled it, the Urban Dictionary defined Life-hack as “An action that makes simple tasks into simpler tasks”, where it came from or who’s idea it was, I still don’t have a clue.

The craft world is full of some very talented and resourceful people who share they thoughts, whether they call them  Hacks, Ideas, Tips whatever, so many are shared every day.

I save most of them but then they get lost in my social media world, so I have decided to keep my own list that I can refer to quickly and easily.
I thought I would share these on my blog, maybe some of them will be obvious or well known but some may help others, so from tomorrow, I’m going to have a post, CRAFT HACK OF THE DAY.

A few months ago I started a Back to Basics posts which sadly I didn’t continue, but I will incorporate that in these daily hacks, new crafters particularly may not understand the different terms, papers, inks, adhesives I think it is important to cover everything to make things as easy as possible for anyone. Let me know what you think

Talk soon

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Saturday, 13 July 2019


Welcome to the monthly Stamp'N Hop 

If I have set this up correctly (fingers crossed) you should be coming to me in Australia from Sandra Roberts in the UK.

I didn't have to case the catalogue too hard, I am besotted with the Over the Moon Stamp Set.

Even though dies are not part of the set, these cows are very easy to fussy cut so make masking very easy.

I am all for east cards so I hope you enjoy this project and maybe give it a try.

Please click on the Arrow to hop along with the rest of us.

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Tuesday, 9 July 2019


Welcome to our July Blog Hop, hopefully I'll get the time right, this time.

If I have, you will have come to me via the lovely Jenny Hayward.

This Blog Hop is to highlight the product used in our July Tutorial Bundle, the 12 designs in this bundle can be yours in  PDF form  free with any order of A$78 or a copy can be purchased by contacting me for A$20.

My design this month came from the Fable Friends Stamp Set, this is such a cute set,most people would think it was only for a baby or young child but hey, I wouldn't mind someone sending me a cheery card using it.

The set does not have matching dies but is such an easy set to fussy cut, even for someone with not too good vision like me.

I steered away from baby pink or blue and went this time with Pretty Peacock, using a Z fold, its a very easy card but very cute I think.Hope you'll give it a try. Let me know if you do.

Don't forget to use the Hostess code if you are placing an order under $250, this months code is V3PER4X9.

You can receive one free tutorial just for signing up for my Newsletter.

Hope you are enjoying our Blog Hop today, I will now hand you over to Linda Handford and I'll get my coffee and start hopping myself.

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Welcome to this months Blog Hop, our theme is "I've Got Spring Fever" well I don't actually as here in Australia we are in...